I got a tattoo of the winter soldier on my leg and I asked Sebastian to sign next to it, so I can get his autograph tattooed as well. His reaction was amazing and pretty priceless actually. The best part was probably later when I went to get my photo op with him; he saw me come into the room and his eyes lit up and he goes “YES, I WAS WAITING FOR YOU! I wanted to take a picture of your tattoo!” And that’s when his assistant/whoever(?) took the picture. For my Mackie/Stan photo, Seb was like “she has the best tattoo! Show him!” And I showed him and Anthony said “that’s not real” in a joking tone and then they took the photo and Seb was rubbing my back the whole time (!!!!) and said “you’re the best” then Anthony asked “when are you gonna get and falcon on there?” And I just laughed cuz I dunno what to say to that????

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Clint Barton disguised as Jeremy Renner in Comic-Con: A Summary

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Tom Hiddleston - From Shakespearean chic to Crimson Peak - Total Film May 2014

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"How are you gonna get Cap interested in fighting Ultron when he should be consumed with finding Bucky?
The fact is Ultron is a clear present danger, and Bucky is in the wind. And we do mention the fact that that’s his sort of primary thing but he’s also working with The Avengers too. We’re not ignoring it but he definitely has to deal with a mad 8-foot robot… ‘cause that’s one of those things, you know, you put if off, and it just gets worse."

Joss Whedon
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Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton as Adam and Eve in Only Lovers Left Alive [35x UHQ]

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Robert Downey Jr. kisses and hugs Chris Evans in the middle of an interview.


Listen to it, RDJ calls him a Dorito!

Chris grabbing Tony’s hand and pulling him over.  Chris pressing his face into Tony’s neck, possibly kissing it.

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